Leica RX1250XC Color Controller

Leica RX1250XC

With the RX1250 remote control unit you can control both the TPS1200+ via RadioModem and Radio-Handle and the GPS Smart-Antenna via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology or cable from the reflector pole.


The control unit has the same display as the TPS1200+, a touch screen, optionally a colourscreen and a full alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard. Operation is exactly the same. You can trigger measurements, enter codes, use routines and programs, collect data from GPS and TPS – whatever you like.

Leica RX1250XC Data Collector


  • Extend setup to SmartPole
  • Best with ATR, PowerSearch and 360° reflector
  • Light, rugged, reliable
  • Reliable wireless communication via Radio-Handle and Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • Perfect one-man survey system
  • No need for cables
  • Increases efficiency and productivity

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