Leica Redline MCP950C Power Controller

Leica Redline MCP950C

Leica Redline MCP950C Power Controller

The MCP950c is a WinCE controller which is used to interface with the PowerTracker(X). The controller can be used at the instrument connected via Bluetooth or RS232 or remotely from a variety of radio modules. By combining the MCP950c with Smart Holder all equipment is integrated on the pole for easy to use one man surveying.

Redline MCP950C

The MCP950c is also fully compatible with the entire range of Redline GNSS sensors giving the user an efficient and economic solution to all sensor control needs. The full QWERTY keyboard of the MCP950c makes it easy and fast to enter alphanumeric point numbers, select or enter codes or even short descriptions.

Leica Redline MCP950C Data Collector


Control Unit
Display ¼ VGA (320×240 pixels), graphic LCD, touch screen, illumination
Touch screen: Toughened film on glass
Keyboard 62 keys (12 function keys, 40 alphanumeric keys), illumination
Interface RS232, External Radio Modem or Bluetooth
Internal Battery
Type Lithium-Ion
Voltage 7.4 V
Capacity 1.9 Ah
Operating time MCP950c typ. 8h
MCP950c 0.73 kg
Smart Holder 0.32 kg
GFU 23 Radio Modem 0.32 kg
Battery (GEB211): 0.1 kg
Environmental specifications
Working temperature range: -30°C to +50°C
Storage temperature range: -40°C to +80°C
Dust / water (IEC 60529): IP67
Waterproof (MIL-STD-810F): temporary submersion to 1m

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